global goals conference

January 10 2019, my class and I went a global goals conference in Hamilton. At the global goals conference our class displayed our work that most stood out and some of our work that was really powerful. Having my work displayed in our booth/table felt good because I got to showcase my learning and share what I have learned with the other people. There were other people from other schools at the conference and they also had some pretty interesting stuff set up at their table, for example, the table right next to ours were collecting milk bags and making stuff out of them. There was also another table quite similar that were collecting pop tabs for wheelchairs. During the conference a mohawk elder came and gave a really interesting speech up front on the stage, what stood out to me the most was him speaking his language. I think thats really powerful because that language is the same language that was taken away from them not too long ago. The mohawk elder also visited our table and took a look at our work. We had some free time and I heard there was a tiny play/skit of what Canadas court system is like, I found that really cool since I my am thinking of becoming a lawyer. The most interesting part of that was that the audience were the jury and it depended on us who was guilty and who was not. After the "jury" voted, the skit came to an end and we got to ask questions. Over all, it was really fun and I learned and shared so much at the conference.


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